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Authentic Strengths Advantage®

Strengths-Based Strategies for life

We have partnered with Fatima Doman and Authentic Strengths Advantage® to develop the most effective and engaging courses to empower your learners and equip them for success – personally and professionally.

  • Authentic Resilience: Bringing Your Strengths to Life©

  • Well-Being Powered by Strengths: 7 Essential Elements©

  • Positive Teams: Authentic Collaboration©

  • Enlightened Leadership: Creating a Culture of Strengths©

  • Elevate Engagement: Unleash Productivity with STRONG Goals©

  • Authentic Communication: Making Conversations Conscious©

  • True You! Authentic Strengths for Kids©

Healthcare Programs

Better training for better outcomes

We take a microsystems approach to quality improvement and combine it with live coaching to equip your staff with the tools they need to make small changes in behavior and processes that ultimately lead to measurable and lasting improvements in your organization.

  • HIPAA Compliance Training with Brain Boost

  • Quality and Quadruple Aim

  • Lean in Healthcare

  • Six Sigma in Healthcare

  • Creating Masterpiece Moments

  • Health and Wellness

  • Disease Awareness Campaigns

  • Let’s Kick COVID-19! (a free course on EdApp.com)

Certification Programs

Getting people to work faster

We deliver the content to the learner where and when they want to access it.

    • Certified Nursing Assistant

    • Community Health Worker

    • Certified Pharmacy Technician

    • Respiratory Therapist

    • Personal Care Technician

    Additional Courseware

    We work with a lot of subject matter experts to develop new approaches to learning using a mobile-first, microlearning platform to deliver training to learners right to their mobile device. 

    • Lean Six Sigma

    • Business basics

    • Leadership

    • Social Skills / 21st Century Skills

    • Data Literacy

    • Positive Leadership/Teams/Projects


    • Geriatric Specialist
    • Nutrition

    • Management for nurses

    • Population Health

    • Physician Resilience

    • Patient Experience

    • Opioid Stewardship

    • Chronic diseases (COPD, Diabetes, Epilepsy, etc)


    • Patient Safety

    • Innovation in Healthcare

    • Analytics

    • Care Coordination

    • Value-Based Healthcare

    • Medication Technician


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