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We Design the right content, for the right audience and on the right platform

We understand that not every training or education program is ideal for mobile-first microlearning (MFML). We can help your organization develop more engaging content and delivery on your platform of choice. However, MFML addresses many of the challenges and demands of today’s learner and our technology partner is truly one of the best MFML platforms out there.

Mobile-First microlearning

We have affordable lesson development plans and additional customization options to make your training directly relevant and impactful for your learners and the needs of your organization.

Instructional Design Support

 We can help your organization develop new content or adapt existing training lessons or videos into the most engaging and effective education and training programs your learners will have experienced.

Content Customization

We recognize that the needs of each organization are unique. Our content is applicable across all industries as it engages, empowers, and inspires each person to be their best self. Our instructional designers can work with you to develop specific lessons that tie directly to our core content, offering direct relevance and impact for your organization. Typically, the addition of customized content adds an additional 8-12 lessons to the core offering. Content customization is a great investment for your learners as it increases the content value, adds relevance, and does not directly increase the per user cost for accessing our programs.

Language Translation

We can quickly translate programs into over 100 languages at no cost to your organization. At a low cost to you, our instructional designers are available to work with your organization to increase the accuracy of the translation or to provide language localization revisions of the content to best serve your learners.

Spaced Repetition

Fight the forgetting curve! Our platform can implement spaced repetition, called Brain Boost, a proven mechanism to address the forgetting curve – depending on the material, unless reinforced, we forget approximately 90 percent of what we “learn” within 6 days. Based on material that the learner has encountered already, Brain Boost asks a series of questions each day, customized to each learner, to assess understanding and provide learners with daily opportunities to reflect on concepts they have learned.


We understand the importance of maintaining consistency with your brand and internal training offerings. Our instructional designers can develop and manage co-branded programming for your organization at a low cost. We can also develop co-branded badges and certificates for professional development goals.

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