Flourishing through learning



We understand that increased motivation and engagement are critical for success.

Our content and delivery methods address the challenges of educating today’s learners.

A design thinking framework for personal & professional Development

We believe that when a learner is properly engaged and motivated – they flourish, and inspire others.

Strengths-based teams and leaders build abundant organizations.

Our Team

Our talented multidisciplinary team leverages their expertise to help you deliver engaging, effective learning aligned to your goals. We utilize experienced EdApp designers from around the world to better serve your needs.

Michael Hunter, PhD


Carl Husa, MA

Chief Innovation Officer

Marie Hatam, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Michelle Novak, MS

Director, Learning Design | North and South America

Emmy Jensen, MA

Director, Learning Design | APAC

Princess Small, MA

Director, Learning Design | EMEA

Elisabeth Huber, MA

Instructional Designer

Diane Stover-Hopkins

Customer Experience and Innovation Strategy Consultant

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